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Past Events

  • LoPro: The Value of Low Yield Aquifers

    Low yield aquifers, also known as low productivity aquifers, are of great importance in large parts of the world, particularly with respect to supporting local water supply as well as providing baseflow to surface waters and wetlands. Abstracts Presentation read more

  • Contaminant Source Zone Characterisation and Remediation

    A meeting convened by The Hydrogeology Group of The Geological Society. Programme and abstract book Platform presentations Secondary Source Zones: Towards an understanding of contaminant rebound Use of the modified Waterloo Profilerâ„¢ to provide high-resolution vertical and lateral delineation of groundwater impact from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Improved approaches for performance assessment monitoring of contaminant… read more

  • Groundwater Asset Management

    This one-day meeting provided a comprehensive and up-to-date account of current groundwater asset management practice both in the UK and overseas. Groundwater asset management Optimising groundwater resources in California and England Water quality constraints on Deployable Output of a Chalk groundwater source Carbon Accounting & Groundwater Asset Management Groundwater Asset Plans Groundwater Asset Management Shropshire… read more

  • Hydrogeology Meets Hydroecology

    A one-day groundwater conference considering the interactions between groundwater and wetland ecosystems, particularly with regard to key processes, their conceptualisation and analysis. The dispersal and deposition of plant propagules in groundwater-fed rivers: linking hydrology and ecology Nitrogen transport and transformation at the groundwater – surface water interface Development of a high-resolution conceptual hydro-ecological understanding of… read more