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Past Events

  • The Hydrogeology of the Chalk

    A two-day conference on the Hydrogeology of the Chalk by the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society (supported by the Contaminated Land Group) covering current practice and future challenges on the characterisation and management of Chalk aquifers in the UK and elsewhere. Conference Website The meeting is convened by the Hydrogeology Group and the Contaminated… read more

  • Use of the deep subsurface in the UK: what are the Implications for groundwater resources?

    Final date for registration; 6th July 2018 Organised by: Hydrogeological Group, British Geological Survey, International Association of Hydrogeologists There is renewed interest in the deep (>200 m below ground level) onshore sub-surface in the UK, with increasing exploration for, and development of: conventional and unconventional oil and gas geothermal energy potash mining and for storage… read more

  • Communicating Groundwater - Bringing understanding to the water table

    Presentations and outputs from the UK Groundwater Forum’s annual conference, co-convened with the Hydrogeological Group are available on the UK Groundwater Forum website. read more

  • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

    Groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) face multiple pressures related to public water supply, intensive agricultural land-use and land management practices, and pollution from industrial and household waste. Since the implementation of the Water Framework Directive significant effort has been put into characterising GDEs and assessing the threats to them. However, these threats may change under future… read more