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Whitaker Medal

(Nominations are now closed)

The Whitaker Medal is awarded in memory of the distinguished geologist, William Whitaker and was first awarded by the Institution of Water Engineers in 1930 to R.C.S. Walters for his paper on the hydrogeology of the Chalk in England.

Since that time, the Institution and its successors awarded the Medal a further fourteen times to a total of 24 individuals. Since 1996, the Medal has been awarded by the Hydrogeological Group in recognition of an outstanding contribution to hydrogeology.

See guidance on the submission of nominations below:

Download Nomination Form

Awards of the Whitaker Medal made by the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society

The following is a list of recipients:

  • 2017:  J Dottridge
  • 2016:  J H Tellam
  • 2012:  P A Marsland
  • 2011:  K M Hiscock
  • 2010:  J Aldrick
  • 2009:  J A Barker
  • 2008:  J Chilton
  • 2007:  R C Harris
  • 2005:  G Williams
  • 2004:  G P Jones
  • 2002:  A C Skinner
  • 2000:  J D Mather
  • 1999:  W M Edmunds
  • 1997:  L Clark
  • 1996:  M Price

Awards of the Whitaker Medal made by IWE and IWES

Guidance on the submission of nominations

Nominations should be made on the Whitaker Medal nomination form. This is a competitive process and to avoid potential disappointment the nominee should not be informed that they are being nominated.

The award will be presented at the Group’s AGM in spring each year; the deadline for nominations is 16 December.

The award recognises outstanding contribution; examples of what constitute an outstanding contribution might include:

  • authorship of a landmark paper
  • authorship of a book (either educational or a research volume)
  • key role in organisation of a landmark conference
  • key role in bringing hydrogeology to the wider community (e.g. work in overseas development or education)
  • development of a significant new piece of equipment or new technique

Those nominated do not have to be Fellows of the Society.  The Awards Committee relies on the proposers to check the accuracy of the supporting information. By signing the nomination form, the proposers are confirming that, to the best of their knowledge, the details given in support of a nomination for an award are accurate.

The Awards Committee will check the eligibility of nominators and the nominee including previous awards from the Society.  The proposer and seconder must not be from the same institution as the nominee.  The form must be signed and dated. Electronic signatures are acceptable.

All sections of the nomination form must be completed including the brief statement of no more than 500 words on why the nominee merits the award.  The form must not exceed two sides.  Attachments will not be considered.

For readability the nomination form must be typed in font Arial 10 point and must be submitted as a Word file.

Completed nomination forms should be sent to the secretary of the Hydrogeological Group Committee, Barnaby Harding, at the following email address:

Download Nomination Form